Why Choose Natasha Cloutier


Natasha Cloutier is a Master Level Laser Technologist with over a decade of “in treatment room” experience and over 250,000 individual laser treatments. With experience comes knowledge and with knowledge comes results. It makes a huge difference with a technologist that not only understands how to give a client results while at the same time keeping them safe from being hurt. Understanding the different lasers and the technology utilized is very important in keeping a client safe. When you are confident in your abilities to operate the equipment in correlation with the particular client and their needs creates a safe treatment protocol with a results oriented timeline. 

“My philosophy is to connect with each of my clients, she says.” “Our industry has become too competitive and impersonal. I don’t do business or life that way. I have treated clients for almost 15 years now and because I have longevity with them, many times I treat their kids from their high school years thru college. I don’t typically advertise but rely solely on referrals from my loyal clients.” 

Integrity & Affordability:

Natasha’s basic approach to integrity in business and pricing is quite simple. There are no confusing contracts, memberships or up-front fees associated with being treated. Just a basic approach and the best time line to get the results that the client needs. 

When you call you will get honest and knowledgeable answers to your questions. You will never be pressured to buy. I have respect for clients and seek to educate “first” and to lead them in the right direction. If I find that I cannot effectively treat a client I will always refer them to a facility with the appropriate technology. ” Even if you don’t pick me to administer treatments, you can always call with any questions you might have. My advice!! Do your research. Find out what laser technology is best for your needs, your skin color. Find out the risks and side effects of laser treatments. What you should arrive at is the knowledge that you need an experienced technologist so the risks are greatly diminished.” 


I understand and teach about the technology used in our industry. The type of technology that is needed to safely treat unwanted hair, pigmented lesions. (freckles or sun spots), angiomes, broken capillaries, veins, and tattooing. The best lasers technologies for laser hair removal are Alexandrite for skin types 1-3 and YAG (Ytrium, Aluminum, Garnet) for skin types 4-5. In my opinion Candela or Cynosure are both great manufacturers of those two technologies. 

For IPL-Photofractional and resurfacing technology I would choose Lumenis M22 platform

Tattoo removal is a very popular mode of treatment and should be researched in depth before deciding what facility to be treated at. Please call with questions.

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